About Us

Combining Excellence & Experience

At Covenant Development Group, we take pride in our partnership philosophy in building and promoting our culture driven by truth in construction.

It contributes to building on our long-lasting legacy of honesty, commitment, professionalism, and exceptional customer experience.

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Innovative Property Development Solutions

Leveraging a strategic approach by creating a culture that thrives on communication from the client partner and trade partners. Using cutting-edge software and hands-on experience, we strive to be the builder of choice.

How We Work

  • We are well-versed in a construction project's legal complexities and intricacies; therefore, we strive to comply with rules and regulations governing the U.S. construction industry while upholding the highest professional standards.
  • Before initiating the project, our project managers thoroughly assess your construction site while collaborating with you throughout to streamline the process before delivering your project on schedule.
  • We excel at providing cutting-edge yet cost-effective design and build improvements based on a ‘value-engineering’ concept, saving your precious time and money.

We Prioritize You

At Covenant Development Group, we recognize the importance of delivering projects on time, taking into account the complex nature of construction projects and the budgetary challenges that may arise.

As your trusted partner, we are committed to delivering your projects on time. Our customers are integral PARTNERS in our work, and we take pride in surpassing your expectations and delivering exceptional results

Why Choose Us?

Truth in Construction – Partnership in Building

  • Plan | Design | Build
  • Timely project execution and delivery with complete transparency
  • Efficient & cost-effective resource allocation
  • Trustworthiness
  • We collaborate with architects and designers to build sustainable, functional structures.

Meet the Team

Greg Chapman

Chairman & CEO – USMC Ret.

James Berry 


James Chapman


Rick Krack


Yuta Okazaki

Executive Assistant

JJ Cunningham

Project Manager

Pete Zakhary

Project Manager